Friday, 12 August 2016

Last Day Farewells!

Today is the last day here at Queen's Gate! We have had an absolutely fantastic summer and are all left with some wonderful memories! 

The students have spent the afternoon making memory boards of their time spent at Discovery Summer. Take a look at the pictures below!


Some of the older students even interviewed each other about their time at Queen's Gate!

Report by Enrique:

Victoria is from Barcelona .
She has been in London for 11 days and has spent one week at Discovery Summer .
She would recommend the school her best friends!
She arrived in London last Sunday and she is leaving London next Wednesday ,
She wants to go and see Big Ben, it is her favorite monument in London !

Report by Victoria:
Enrique is from Alicante (Spain)and he is 12.
He arrived in London last Saturday and is staying for nine days.
He enjoys Discovery Summer a lot and has been here for two weeks, he has learnt a little bit of English but is constantly improving.
His favourite teachers are Sharon and Alvin.
His favourite place in London is the London Eye.

Rafa is Spanish and he likes Big Ben , he lives in Chelsea. He studied English in Discovery Summer. He has been in Discovery Summer for five days.
After school he went to King's road and he has good friends in Discovery Summer. He likes Discovery Summer. At break time he plays football and ping pong.
He hasn't spoken Spanish and has tried to speak in English. He likes fish and chips and lobster in London. He thinks too much! Finally ,he dislikes spicy food.


A finally to our teens! They have had a fantastic time exploring London over the past weeks and after their final trip to the Serpentine Gallery this afternoon a few took a moment to share their thoughts!

"I like Discovery Summer because I met a lot of people from different nationalities. I have learnt a lot and enjoyed everything I did! Thank-you!"- Enora 

"I really liked Discovery Summer, I really liked our class and lessons and the activities and trips."- Leila

"During Discovery Summer I enjoyed playing connect 4, I beat everybody! I also liked the trip to the Houses of Parliament  very much!"- Ivan

"During Discovery Summer I really enjoyed meeting people from all around the world, the course was awesome!" - Laura

"At Discovery Summer I loved all the excursions and lessons! My favorite trip was to the "London Dungeons!"- Lidiya

It has been an absolute pleasure to have all the students this year and we look forward to seeing some of them next year!!! 


Thursday, 11 August 2016

Queen's Gate Olympics!!

Today at Queen's Gate we hosted our very own Olympic Games! But we didn't have any 200m sprints or javelin throws. Instead we had games of 'Crocodile' and ' The Lucky Box Race', as our students invented their very own sports to play!

Earlier on in the week the students had worked in groups and created brand new sports. They had to come up with a name, equipment needed and a set of rules! Let's take a look at the fantastic games they came up with...

1. Stupid Bean! 
Number of players: 3 or more
Equipment needed: A ball
How to play: Players stand in a circle with one player stood in the middle of the circle. The player in the middle is known as the 'bean'. The players throw and catch the ball to one another across the circle and the bean must attempt to catch the ball mid air! Once the bean succeeds, he or she can go back in the circle and the player who threw the caught ball becomes the stupid bean! 

2. The Number Game! 
Number of players: 15 or more
Equipment needed: Nothing! 
How to play: One player is select to be 'on'. The other players run around until the player who is on shouts a number. The number must be between 1 and the number of players playing. The players must then get into groups of the number shouted. If you fail to get into a group, you are out. Then a cup is placed onto the ground by the player who is on and they then shout 'GO!', the groups must then run to the cup as fast as possible! 

3. Stuck in the Sand!
Number of players: 3 or more
Equipment needed: A ball and a referee.
How to play: All players are given a number. One player is chosen to be 'on'. The other players run around until the on player shouts out one of the numbers. That player must catch the ball which is thrown by the player who is on. Then the player with the ball must try and throw the ball at one of the other players!

4. Crocodile
Number of players: 2 'crocodiles' and 10 or more players
Equipments needed: Chalk markings of the words 'start', 'finish' and 'crocodile', bean bag.
How to play: The 'crocodile' stands in the middle with a bean bag. The other players chant 'chompy, chompy can we cross your swampy?!' The crocodile replies 'only if....' Then selected players must run across the 'swamp' and the crocodile must throw the bean bag at them! If you are caught you become a crocodile in the swamp!

5. The Lucky Box Race 
Number of players: 2 teams of 6!
Equipment needed: 2 buckets, 2 bean bags and 2 balls, table/chair
How to play: This is a relay race made up of 6 'stations' You must complete all stations and then tag the nect player in your team to go. The team where all players complete the relay first wins! The stations are as followed: 1. Jump over bean bag 2. 10 starjumps 3. 10 x bean bag throws 4. 10 x bean bag throws 5. 10 push ups 6. Kick the ball under the chair/table

6. Tenbass
Number of players: 4
Equipment needed: Tennis ball, hulahoop, 2 ping pong rackets. 
How to play: Two people stand either side of the hulahoop. They then bounce the ball with the rackets on the ground to and from one another. It must bounce in the middle of the hoop as it goes from side to side.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A Trip to Parliament and Some Mid Week Fun in the Park

Here at Queen's Gate we have had a very busy Wednesday! After the morning classes the juniors took a trip to Kensington Gardens and our teens were off exploring the Houses of Parliament! 

The teens visit to the House of Commons and House of Lords has to be one of the best to date! After having a wander around Parliament square, the teens stepped into the 900 year old Westminster Hall to begin their guided tour around Parliament.

The students were able to step into a historical building where political debates for centuries have taken place and important decisions are made today! It was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about British politics and culture. 

Back at Queen's Gate our junior students took a trip to the park! Here they played some great team games. Tomorrow we will be hosting our very own Olympic games at Queen's Gate, so the students really enjoyed getting into the spirit of the games.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market

After taking the tube to London Bridge the teens enjoyed exploring Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market.

Located just by the river Thames, Southwark cathedral is the oldest gothic church in London. The students enjoyed walking around the stunning interior, discovering a memorial to Shakespeare and the Harvard Chapel, a tribute to university founder John Harvard who was born in the parish!

We then took a trip to Borough Market, one of the oldest and largest food markets in London! For centuries the market has sold local produce such as fruit, vegetables and meat to Londoners. Today the market is also home to stalls from all over the world and the students were able to get a taste for some delicious Spanish paella, French cheese and much more!

Keep an eye on the blog- the teens are off to the Houses of Parliament tomorrow!

Meet Our Week 6 Classes!

Sadly it's our final week here at Queen's Gate, but we've still got lots of exciting things to look forwards to in the coming days! We will be working towards a mini Olympics as well as working on the weekly projects! But first, lets meet our classes for this week.

Alvin's class!

Ella and her class!

Hannah with our teen class!

Nicola's class!

And last but not least Sharon with her students!

Monday, 8 August 2016

The Dungeons Through the Eyes of Our Teens!

Last week the teens took a trip to the London Dungeons! Here they explored London's dark and gruesome past. Take a glimpse into life in the dungeons with this post written by the teens themselves!

Yesterday we had a tour of the London Dungeons. We learned about the dark past of London, seeing notorious villains such as Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper.
First we went on a scary boat ride where King Henry condemned us to be executed and we saw dead traitors’ heads and dirty rats.

We filled ourselves with adrenaline and continued to walk through history. Then, we met Guy Fawkes whose head was impaled on a spike. He wanted to change history by blowing up Parliament again. After this, we met the torturer who taught us about the tools she uses to torture prisoners. She even put Hannah in a cage!

Hannah was rescued and we could continue our journey. Next, a plague nurse showed us what the plague did to bodies, using the doctor’s corpse.

We all thought that this was the last disgusting sight, but we were wrong. We next entered Marjorie Lovett’s pie shop, where she showed us her human meat pies.

After that, we went to the famous Ten Bells pub, where Jack the Ripper suddenly appeared and terrified us!

Finally, we rode a drop ride simulating the experience of being hanged. It was exciting, creepy but funny!